Our vision

We strive to bring up a generation ready for learning, morally committed, academically outstanding and positively interacts with society and time.

Our mission

To activate different activities and programs that enhance the learner’s character’s different sides

To develop the students skills according to the international criteria

To develop the competitive team work spirit and self study by using the latest methodology and competitions

 To activate society contribution

Accurate Steps Towards Modern Education

Accurate Steps Towards Modern Education

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We guarantee you high quality of education

We guarantee you high quality of education

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Well qualified teaching staff

Well qualified teaching staff

 Hello Dear teachers, students and Guardians

   Al-Faysaliya Private School for Boys in Jeddah is planning to hold a meeting with you to discuss the school’s vision, mission and goals of the School year, 1437/ 1438 E, very soon. so,kindly share us with this survey

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Excellence of education, entrepreneurship and the creative industry.

School Message

To nurture a healthy scientific generation equipped with life skills with a global vision, a stimulating environment, cooperation with the community and care for its employees.

School values

- Sincerity (honesty and honesty)
- Proficiency (understanding and mastery)
- Cooperation (teamwork)
- Creativity (Innovation)

About “Al Faisaliyah Private Schools for Boys in Jeddah”

 The school was founded in 1388 and began in the primary stage and then developed and followed by the middle section in 1409 AH and then the secondary section in 1418 e. The school was named after His Late Majesty King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
  • Student activities 99%
  • Trips 100%
  • The latest laboratories and laboratories 100%


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